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Changchun BANGJIE Software Co.,ltd.
financial software; electronic government affair office software; costing; manufacture; physical distribution software; ASGRP;

MEIPING Network technology Co.,ltd.
audio & video rent marketing management system; bath hose system; beauty management system; books marketing management system; customer management system; entertain restaurant management system; hotel ...

Henan Southerly Investment Co.,ltd.
finance investment cooperation; investment planning; investment economy; finance investment training; substance management; project financing; project cooperation;

Zhejiang Security Web
Provides the real-time quotation, the on-line transaction, the expert on-line, the stock panoram, special service and so on Zhejiang card column.

Hefei SHENDA Software Technology co.,ltd.
clients tie management; financial software; hotel management; intelligent cartoon; restaurant software; store management software; VOD; wireless pda order dishes

Chongqing Rural Credit Coop.
Besides traditional service, but also has the domestic settlement service, the agent and so on other services.

Xi'an Insurance Service Company
gratis supply insurance reading consulting.; gratis recommendation insurance scheme.; gratis supply insurance service.; gratis clients service computer.; gratis xian clients supply, consulting service ...

Tianjin JINKE Software development Co.,ltd.
JI-2200 office automation systems; JI-110 file management system; hanlin electronic book; general platform; human resource management system;;

Nanning LIANYIDA Software Company
clients tie CRM; computer harkware; erp software; housekeeper clothing management software; housekeeper series products; information management software- housekeeper software; medicine management soft ...

Hefei Zhongxing Software Company
CRM management software; enterprise management software; EPR management software; financial management software; food and beverage management software; hospital management software; management softwar ...

Hunan Changsha HONG Chili Software Studio
bill print management system; household financing management; management software; small & middle sized enterprises management software; software development and vindicate

Changsha YUEYI Technology co.,ltd.
jewellery management software; jewellery software; jewelry management system; ornaments software; software development; software marketing; website development

DE Zap Asia Advisor Co.,ltd.
Zai; Hong kong; Ji; Germany; set up register stock; various trustee, name and company secretary; selected item investment.

Changchun SANHAN Technology development Co.,ltd.
software; housekeeper software; software; software; computer vindicate; enterprise data vindicate; computer service; network installation;

Xinjiang Yongyou Company
Introduced Xinjiang uses the friend company, with friend finance and business management software in Xinjiang area sale and service organization.