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Jinhua Wansheng Horticulture Farm
Provides the Indian azalea, the camellia commodity potted flower and the upscale Indian azalea, the camellia ancient pile bonsai and the nursery stock.

Jinhua Luyuan Horticulture Farm
The Jinhua County green source gardening field mainly cultivates Lechang, Shan Du Ying, the carapace Chinese ilex, , the safflower continues the wood with a smile, and so on.

Hangzhou Tianbang Science & technology Ltd.
Main management: Agricultural technology, biological technology, biological chemical industry technology development, consultation, achievement transfer.

Jinhua Sumengxiang Tree Farm
Is located Zhejiang Jinhua city Nanjiao, main management large-scale camphor tree, tree exquisite, the variety is fine.

Yongkang Zoology General Livestock Farm
Is engaged in raises the pig, the feed processing, the aquaculture, the edible bamboo shoots and the fruit planter and so on.

Zhejiang Yongkang Sanlinshan Furniture Factory
Produces the Simmons bed, center upscale anteroom furniture, solid wooden sofa, mountain brown wooden bed and VCD Pi Chuang and so on.

Tree Peony Garden and Peony Plantation
We are an manufacturer for all kinds of packing polybags,such as the materials of PE,HDPE,PP,OPP,CPP,PET and Al.-foils etc.Our

Xiaoshan Miaomu
The planter manages each kind of afforested nursery stock, the variety many, the specification is complete, the quality reliable botanical garden afforestation maintains and the path afforests the la ...


HUA'AN Garden Young plant Development Co.,ltd.
park afforesting project, young plant development dept., sweet-scented osmanthus institute, supplying various young plant.

Fenghua Dali Horticulture Farm
Provides five needles to be loose, red flowers and trees and so on maple tree, carapace Chinese ilex, broad yulan magnolia, michelia alba, red yulan magnolia, hypericum, fragrant camphor tree, camelli ...

Jinhua Luye Agriculture Gaoxin Park
By the agricultural production, scientific research training, business trade service, goes sightseeing function and so on leisure, demonstration promotion to a body modern agriculture demonstration ga ...

Zhejiang Tongxiang Shimen Food And Drink Factory

China Camellia
The Zhejiang Province Jinhua, provides each kind of flowers and plants and five needles pines and so on camellia, rosa indica, , bonsai and so on Siberian elm.

Zhejiang KANGMU Pharmaceutical co.,ltd
fluobenzene nika; fluobenzene nika; fluorine thiamphenicol; amoxicillin solubility; pefloxacin mesylate; thiamphenicol; norfloxacin nicotinate; kitasamycin premixing agent; dark plum; vitriol mycetozo ...