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China Camellia
The Zhejiang Province Jinhua, provides each kind of flowers and plants and five needles pines and so on camellia, rosa indica, , bonsai and so on Siberian elm.

Shanghai SUOFEN Materials Co.,ltd.
ornaments; hand-chain; hand ornaments; pendant; nail-shaped ear ornament; eardrop; necklace; ring; elet; jewelry parts; ornaments; earring; ornaments; pure silver ornaments;

Ningbo BEILUN YUJIAN Medicine Technology co.,ltd.
herba eptmdtuii e.p., carduus marianus extractive, grape seeds extractives, rhodiola rosea extractive, white hellebore alcohol, polygonum cuspidatum extractive; white hellebore alcohol; rhodiola sacha ...

Ningbo TAILI Machinery Co.,ltd.

FENGHUA City Estuary Plant nursery Unit
arbutus; camellia; oriental cherry; podocarpus macrophylla d.don; red maple; red-leaves prunus triflora roxb; southern magnolia; sweet-scented osmanthus; virescence seedling; white magnolia; xiang zha ...

Ningbo Ronger Union Co., Ltd.
Houseware, Auto Accessories, Gifts & Crafts, Handy Tools, Stationery, Daily Use, Picture Frame, CD Bags, Pets Items, Hair Accessories, Baby Products, Beauty Aids

Hangzhou Luyuan Fengfarm
Is engaged in the honey, the royal jelly, the pollen, the bee glue, the beeswax and so on the healthy organic foods production, the sale.

China Ningbo Hongda Agribusiness Co., Ltd
fowl and livestock raising,fruit and vegetable growing,egg processing,aquiculture,flower cultivation,sprout growing and seed breeding,agribusiness sightseeing and real estate development

Jinhua Luyuan Horticulture Farm
The Jinhua County green source gardening field mainly cultivates Lechang, Shan Du Ying, the carapace Chinese ilex, , the safflower continues the wood with a smile, and so on.

Tree Peony Garden and Peony Plantation
We are an manufacturer for all kinds of packing polybags,such as the materials of PE,HDPE,PP,OPP,CPP,PET and Al.-foils etc.Our

Zhejiang Yuyao Zhenyu birds Breeding Co.,Ltd.
Introduces our country comparatively large-scale "anxiously in the muscovy duck" reproduction base ---- Yu Yao Zhenyu.

China Pesticide Industry Association
pesticide CAPI offers the best pesticide products including technical &formulation.And we have lots of Product List offered by holding companys. Avermectin 92% TECH AVERMECTIN 3.6% EC AVERMECTIN 1 ...


Xiaoshan Miaomu
The planter manages each kind of afforested nursery stock, the variety many, the specification is complete, the quality reliable botanical garden afforestation maintains and the path afforests the la ...

Zhejiang Yongkang Sanlinshan Furniture Factory
Produces the Simmons bed, center upscale anteroom furniture, solid wooden sofa, mountain brown wooden bed and VCD Pi Chuang and so on.