Titan Ti-Products Co., Ltd.

We are a main manufacturer and distributor specializing in titanium products in China. Our capabilities include the manufacture, machining and distribution of quality titanium products: titanium materials, titanium bars, tube and sheets, titanium fasteners, parts and many other products.
And we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of titanium fasteners, nuts, bolts, washers, machine screws, rivets, pins made of refractory and special metals, such as cp titanium,6 Al-4V titanium, in DIN, JIS, ASTM specifications. Also supply according to customer's requirements, We export the titanium fasteners to Germany, Canada, UK,USA etc.
Equipment:CNC turning, milling, CNC milling, CNC drilling, CNC boring, CNC threading, grinding,punch,rolled thread machine.argon welder
A: titanium material: titanium sheet/plate, titanium tube/pipe, titanium bar/rod and titanium wir etc titanium material.
B:Titanium product and parts of motocycle and bicycle: titanium retainer, titanium head tube, titanium fitting,titanium nipple,titanium banjo screw,titanium axle,titanium needle,titanium spindle and etc,titanium parts,titanium products
C:Titanium sports goods:titanium diving knife, titanium part of fishing rod,titanium dart,titanium swoop
D:other titanium products:titanium anodizing rack,titanium disc etc titanium tweezer.
Titanium Fastener:Titanium Bolt and Titanium Screws,Titanium Nut,Titanium Washer,
Titanium Taper Head Bolt With Waisted Shank,Titanium Allen Head Bolt,Titanium Taper Head Bolt,Titanium Botton Head Bolts, Titanium Torx Bolt,Titanium Flange Head Bolt,Titanium Countersunk Flat Head Screws, Titanium Hexagon Socket Head Knurled Screws,Titanium Nylon Lock Nut,Titanium Hex Nuts,Titanium Flange Nuts,Titanium Wing Nut
1)Bolt sizes:M3-M22*Length
2)Nut sizes:M3-M22
3)Washer sizes:M4-M22
DIN 912,DIN931,DIN933,DIN934,DIN 7991,DIN 965,DIN 966,ISO7380,DIN 985,DIN9623,DIN125,DIN127,DIN6923
Moreover, as a manufacturer of titanium materials and products, we are able to accept and give immediate attention to "non-standard" titanium products as well as our standard ones when "quick delivery" is required.
Titan is proud of our quality, accuracy and flexibility. Quality service for better business is our goal.

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Manufacturer, Trading Company



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North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Oceania; Eastern Asia; Western Europe;

OEM/ODM service


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10 - 20

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5,000,000 - 10,000,000 UDS

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23-1501 No6-6huaxianchang Road jinan ,China

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Sell Titanium Blot, Nut And Washers

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Sell zirconium Bolt

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Titanium Knife For Diving No2

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Sell Titanium Nut, Bolt, Washers

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Titanium Nut

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Titanium Bolt



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Mr. yorkzon Hou




23-1501 No6-6huaxianchang Road jinan ,China





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